Zoom removes meeting ID from title bar

Zoom has released an update for its desktop apps that removes the meeting ID from the app’s title bar. In doing so Zoom hopes to reduce the amount of “Zoom-bombing” that has been going on.

This update comes after Zoom users have been unwittingly leaking their meeting IDs, and even meeting passwords, while sharing screenshots of their meetings on social media.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared the meeting ID of a UK cabinet meeting, and members of the Belgium Parliament accidentally exposed the meeting ID and the password of a Defense committee.

According to the Zoom app changelog, the meeting ID has now been moved from the title bar to a drop-down panel that appears when clicking the “info” icon, in the top-left panel of each Zoom app.

Zoom has also made managing security-related settings easier for meeting hosts. Starting with this week’s update, the Zoom app now has a dedicated Security icon in the control panel where the meeting organizer can manage all security settings from one place, rather than bounce around different screens.

“This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room, and more. Users can also now enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was turned off before the start of the meeting,” Zoom said.

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan penned a blog post promising to pause work on all new features and re-focus on improving the Zoom app’s privacy and security features. Yuan made the pledge after security researchers discovered and pointed out a slew of vulnerabilities and privacy issues with the app.