How to watch the Masked Singer UK for free

The Masked Singer is simply awesome. Famous celebrities don the most whimsical and awesome costumes ever crafted to sing while hiding their true identity. Allowing them to showcase their raw singing talent (or lack of) while disguising their true identity. It is entertaining and keeps us guessing.

Two seasons of the Masked Singer have come and gone, with some big and bright stars, including Wayne Brady, T-Pain, Gladys Knight, Paul Schaffer, Tori Spelling, and more. But the Masked Singer is done, at least for now, and season 3 won’t be here for at least another month.

Luckily there is now a UK version of the Masked Singer, featuring 12 new masked singers to keep us guessing. You can watch all the episodes of the Masked Singer UK as they become available on ITV’s website, . The only catch is you need to be in the UK.

You can unblock the Masked Singer UK and watch it free by using a VPN. If you use Chrome as your browser you can get a UK IP address by installing IP Unblock’s Free VPN.

Just install IP Unblock into your Chrome and connect to a United Kingdom server. Then go to ITV’s website and you should be able to watch the Masked Singer. If you get a message telling you that you are using a proxy, or that the Masked Singer is not available from your area just disconnect from the VPN and reconnect to get a different VPN and try again. You might need to do this a few times, or you might get lucky and it will work from the first go.

The Masked Singer UK is great and has us guessing and trying to figure out who these famous voices are. The Sun has come up with some interesting theories as to who is on the Masked Singer.