How to watch The Circle UK from the US.

The Circle has come out on Netflix and it has taken us by storm. The Circle puts 8 people in lush apartments who have no contact with each other other than through a social media platform which is known simply as The Circle. It is a reality show, a social experiment, Big Brother meets Instagram; simply put it is genius and entertaining.

Much like The Office, Three’s Company, and several other great TV shows before it The Circle started off as a British TV show before making its way across the pond to the US and the rest of the world via Netflix.

There are two full seasons of the British version of The Circle that have aired on the UK’s Channel 4, and you can watch them all right now from Channel 4’s website starting with Season 1 episode 1,

Channel 4 blocks access to their shows to users outside of the UK. To unblock access you will need a UK IP address. You can get a UK IP address by using IP Unblock’s VPN.

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You will have to turn off your ad-blocker if you have one installed, and sometimes Channel 4’s website will give you an ad-blocker detected message, even though you don’t have one.

Both seasons of The Circle UK are simply fascinating, with Season 2 throwing a few monkey wrenches into the mix and including a weekly live after-show with the contestants who have been booted. It is interesting to watch the reactions of players who have left The Circle once they realize who the catfish are and how they have been played by the other players.

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